Six Solid Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

If you’re like most brides-to-be, you’re looking over the budget and prioritizing items line by line.  Then you come to the photo booth section and perhaps your thought is that you’ll have one if you have money left over with nothing else to spend it on, because after all, it’s just a frivolous addition, right?

But that’s not necessarily case, and here are six solid reasons why you should consider bumping the photo booth up higher on the budgeting priority list.

1)      A PHOTO BOOTH IS THE PERFECT PASTIME FOR GUESTS OF ALL AGES.  While Grandma may not be interested in dancing the cha-cha slide, and that 3 year-old cousin may not understand the garter toss, they're both sure to enjoy a few minutes of playing dress-up.  Teens, tots, adults and seniors all get a kick out of posing with funny props and they even love to do it TOGETHER!  You can relax knowing that everyone is having a great time.

2)      PHOTO BOOTHS INCLUDE A BUILT-IN PARTY FAVOR.  Even at a dollar or two per favor, the cost of providing a special treat for every guest can really add up fast.  When you rent a photo booth for your wedding, every participant receives a keepsake photo personalized with your own info, such as “Michael & Michelle, July 14, 2018.”  This is one party favor your guests are sure to treasure forever and probably hang on their fridge for years to come.

3)      MEMORIES ARE CAPTURED AS ICE IS BROKEN.  Your guests will relax, loosen up and have fun as they take turns selecting props and posing for their pictures.  A photo booth is a great way to get your guests out of their seats and mingling, all the while capturing these special moments on film (so to speak).

4)      NO WAITING FOR PICTURES.  We know it seems like an eternity for wedding photographs to arrive!  Your photo booth pictures, however, are printed on the spot and assembled into a memory book, signed by your guests and they ready for you by the end of the evening.  Many a bride has been delighted to have these fun photos to enjoy while relaxing on their honeymoons.  And the album will be a fun addition to your coffee table for years to come.

5)      GET IT AND FORGET IT.  A photo booth requires zero effort on your part.  We do all of the setup and breakdown and provide two professional and experienced attendants to ensure that everything flows smoothly all night long.  We know you have a lot going on and our goal is to make sure your guests are having fun and making memories during your entire event.

6)      A PHOTO BOOTH IS THE GIFT YOU GIVE YOUR GUESTS.  Having so many loved ones come together in your honor is a beautiful thing.  A photo booth is a great opportunity to give back to them and thank them for all of their support.